I write stories. They can be just about anything as long as the spirit moves me. I translate, transcribe and am always busy with new projects. I’m a nature lover, animal lover and people watcher. Can’t swim a stroke but adore the water.

Everyone has ‘stuff’ but hopefully folks will have learned that there are only TWO ways to deal with human beings whether they shoulder suitcases laden with problems or travel light. The choices are simple and finite; pull up or push down. I’ve travelled all my life and don’t mind looking at a beach or two. I wouldn’t however, lay in the sun when I could be taking in the local color and flavors. I love garage and yard sales and have discovered treasures that way. I like flea markets but don’t enjoy shopping in malls. I love food and if it doesn’t wink, blink or move, I’ll eat it. I also love to cook but not for one. I like to eat right but by no means am I a gym aficionado. My hobbies vary from ‘it’s a girl thing’ to more male dominated ones. I love animals. Pets are fur people and that means feline and canine, not anything that crawls on their bellies. I love motorcycles and not because they’ve become popular but because of my dad who owned two. My dad was already ‘cool’ in the 30s way before Fonzie ever was in the 50s. Reading material varies but flows more toward the historical biographical nature. From time to time, I’ll remember my romantic side and pick up a Harlequin romance but very seldom read magazines. Doctors offices always seem to have ‘trash at the cash’ so I’ll catch up on that nonsense then. Relationships need not be complicated but most folks have an ability to complicate the hell out of everything. Women are from earth; men are from earth – deal with it. Each of us have different roles to play and it is unnecessary to play gender reversal games. Life isn’t black and white of course but it doesn’t have to be a dizzying and confusing display of blinding lights either.


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